“This is great gym which I have found to reignite my love to weight train. All the equipment is excellent quality and well maintained. A really friendly gym for all. ”

“Great gym. I have trained at many gyms over the years I find NIX to be the best - top equipment great layout, very helpful and knowledgeable staff, as well as clean, modern changing and shower facilities. A gym that listens to its members. Faultless - I would highly recommend NIX gym. ”

“Great gym with excellent equipment and a friendly atmosphere to train in. The staff are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend NIX. ”

“Love this place. Very friendly - members are always made to feel welcome and that nothing is too much trouble! ”

“Excellent gym, fantastic atmosphere. The staff knowledge is at a very high level! If you are looking for a proper gym rather than your basic leisure centres this is the place to be! ”

“Fantastic gym - excellent for Olympic weightlifting with great equipment and excellent staff it's never too busy so you don't have to wait or share equipment. 10 out of 10! ”

“Great gym. If you're looking for a place to train with top equipment and very knowledgeable staff NIX is for you. ”

“I like Nix because it's so spacious and well equipped. I love the old-school warehouse layout and there's unique machines that you just don't see in most places. It caters for different training styles and has everything you could need for bodybuilding, powerlifting, metcon...the list goes on. The work ethic is good and everyone there trains hard, which is a motivating atmosphere to be around. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the tunes are always banging!! The Xinx camps have also been a new addition to my schedule and I absolutely love them. They're really challenging but everyone is so supportive and the trainers are brilliant. Driving home after a class and feeling all the endorphins is honestly one of the best feelings in the world! They're always hard, but when you can feel yourself getting fitter it's amazing and makes you feel like you can tackle anything if you can just get through those 60 minutes. To put things in perspective, when I was thinking of moving, I actually based my search parameters on distances from East Goscote, rather than being closer to work, so that I was still nearby!”

“I love this gym having started doing the XINX classes and they really helped me build my confidence up. Now i can go into the gym and train on my own which i wouldn't have managed. Everyone is so welcoming!”

“Everyone at NIX is friendly and helpful. Besides being a great gym to train, I enjoy the social side - seeing people and having a chat. Over the past years I have seen changes at NIX which are for the better - the equipment is good and keeps getting better!”

“I absolutely love Nix and I wish I’d discovered it sooner! My main reason being is that for a girl that has always suffered with gym anxiety, I can honestly say i’ve never felt completely comfortable in a gym until I joined here. The team at Nix were all so welcoming from the moment of me having a gym tour to my experience here so far. Everybody is always really helpful if I have any questions and I don’t feel there is any judgment from people, which can be a common feeling in the gym!  Overall the atmosphere is 10/10 which in turns leads to effective workouts! I love the equipment and even more so the layout of the gym, having the separate but not completely closed off areas for different muscle groups or training needs is a really good idea. Equipment is nicely spaced out and not on top of each other! Hands down the best music I’ve experienced in a gym, I’m sure I kept trying to find it on Spotify! The changing rooms are perfect, good facilities, good mirrors for the ‘made it to the gym’ post and even though its such a little thing, I love the lockers, so so convenient because the amount of times I’ve forgot my padlock when I got to the gym. Car Park is convenient and free The way of entering the building is quite reassuring in terms of safety, especially for somebody that prefers to train in the evenings.”

“I’ve been a member at NIX for a long time, I originally joined in 2016 – I had limited Gym/fitness knowledge when I first started, Over the years I have dabbled in a variety of different regimes & NIX has always given me the confidence to push myself and try new things. I like that NIX/XINX has the latest up to date kit catering for almost every gym goers requirements whether it be Bodybuilding, Cardio, Keep fit, class work, Cross Fit, 1-1, etc, there is always a smiley face onboard to point you in the right direction offering professional meaningful advice. My Favourite thing about NIX (coupled with the above) is the diversity and range that the gym has to offer, using my more recent obsession in Cross fit as a prime example, as a ‘newby’ into cross fit the advice is always on tap, I’d suggest NIX has nailed it with the new extension primarily catering for all your cross fit requirements. The list of equipment is endless and the gym wants for nothing, huge selection of free weights, Olympic bars & plates, machines, gadgets and gizmos for every body part/muscle group imaginable. I love the team you have on board – All PT’s and staff are brilliant – always polite, friendly & can have a good laugh whilst remaining professional at all times. Whatever your entry level, Nix has it all – Professional, organised well established all round excellent Gym. My advice to any new members unsure about where or how to get started is simple, you really just need to head down and pop your head in to see for yourself, the rumours and speculations of this hidden gem don’t do it justice… - Its 10 times better.”

“I love XINX/NIX as a gym because I have never once walked into the gym and felt intimated or uncomfortable, for a lot of people walking into a gym is hard to overcome. I also love that I get to switch things up by doing xinx classes which is personally my favourite way of training, but then also having the choice to walk into the gym(nix) on my own and have a session by myself which I also enjoy. My favourite thing about NIX/XINX is how versatile this gym is, there is something there for everyone. This gym accommodates for people who love all kinds of fitness, whether your a beginner just starting out your fitness journey or if you are more advanced!”


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If you are looking for a user-friendly and affordable gym in Leicester, Leicestershire, then look no further than NIX Gym.

Opened in 2011 originally as a strength training gym, NIX has expanded not only in size, but in its vast range of top quality equipment. NIX prides itself on catering to all no matter what gender or fitness level.

Whether you need a gym to train for Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness, Conditioning or simply wanting to be toned, then we have got you covered. NIX’s specialised equipment also allows you to train at your absolute best so you can achieve your highly desired fitness goals. With the gym layout split into Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio and Rig rooms you have the space to train for anything.

For a top gym in Leicester, Leicestershire, why not consider NIX Gym. We are also offering a 7 Day free trial pass for those who want to witness our impressive gym and equipment first hand!

A variety of flexible and affordable membership options, our NIX memberships are for gym only and we have premium memberships that include our XINX classes.


Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 6:00 - 22:00
Friday 6:00 - 21:00
Saturday 8:00 - 18:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00

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