Whatever your goals the expertise of our passionate and experienced trainers can help you reach them. Whether you’re new to the gym or a veteran fitness enthusiast, an individually tailored fitness and lifestyle program, and a little extra push, will ensure you succeed.


Meet The Team

Nick Jelley

Nick grew up playing sports and knew early on he wanted a career in the fitness industry. After finishing his degree in Leisure Management Nick completed his personal training qualification and gained experience in the industry with the aim to open his own training facility.


Ian Knight

As a trainer, Ian strongly believes in the importance of understanding his client’s personal goals and evaluating their strength and fitness level before designing the best program to achieve their goals. From there, Ian will closely track his clients progress and adjust the program as necessary to ensure the best possible results.


Rob Wilcocks

Results. That’s what have underpinned Rob’s 10-year career as a personal trainer. Rob has worked with a broad range of clients in a variety of settings. From triathletes and bodybuilders to fitness newcomers and from large London gyms to boot camps and boxing classes Rob has extensive experience in the industry.


Camille Vinatier

While not yet qualified as personal trainer Cami is as passionate about fitness and health is as anyone, with an impressive list of achievements both in and out of the fitness world. At just 18 Cami placed top 5 in a UKDFBA bikini competition with an invite to the British and International finals, where she placed 6th.


Danni Chauhan

As a trainer Danni tailors her programs to her clients’ preferences but always loves training that focuses on high volume – high reps, high sets with minimal rest – as it pushes clients out of their comfort zone and HIIT training as the intensity creates a sweat and buzz like no other training style can!


Joe Waterfield

When it comes to his own training, Joe focuses on bodybuilding. Joe combines high-volume hypertrophy and strength training which helps him to focus on form control whilst still moving heavy weights.